Hay for Sale in Central Virginia


 Top quality forages available starting July 1, 2013 from Grellen Farm in Orange County, VA.  

Delivery can be arranged to North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Florida & Georgia. 


Contact: Myron Neuhauser, Farm Manager

Cell: 540-718-0824 


First Cutting

Premium Alfalfa, haylage and grass hay available in small square or large square bales.  Orchard grass also available.

Delivery can be arranged or pickup at the farm.   

Call for pricing.  Contact information below.

2013 Forage Analysis
Crude Protein - 18-22%
Total Digestible Nutrients - 62% - 65%


Top Quality Bales

Top Quality Bales

Good, Green, Leafy Quality

Grellen Farm 22960